This activity is designed to engage your friends, family, or students in learning the basics of tree
identification any time throughout the year.  Once these skills are developed, identifying trees in
your own backyard, schoolyard, and community is just a "click on the mouse" away!

This is a fun hands-on activity suitable for everyone, regardless of your age or learning style.  It
works well whether you are a visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learner. "Mystery Tree Challenge"
introduces the concept of classification utilizing the scientific method. After making a series of
observations, you will develop hypotheses to solve each mystery . It's similar to detective work in
that you follow a series of clues/observations and develop a hypothesis, thus solving a mystery!

Mystery photographs of sixteen different kinds of trees found in Shelburne Bay Park are
sequentially numbered on the link below.  Typically, photographs of the bark, branch, leaf
arrangement, and the leaf itself are provided.  Your mission is to identify and classify these trees
using a self-guiding Dichotomous "LEAF KEY" from one or more websites provided.