The layout of the Floating Dock System at Shelburne Bay Park was designed by the
                                     The heavy duty commercial
                                     quality floating docks
                                     incorporate a galvanized
                                     truss style frame with pressure
                                     treated decking and
                                     polyethylene flotation.

In addition, a commercial quality bumper is secured with stainless steel screws to the entire perimeter
of the floating dock sections.
A 30 foot long ramp, along with
three-twenty foot floating sections,
extend the dock out into a depth of
about eight feet when Lake
Champlain is 96' above sea level.

                                         The six foot wide floating sections allow for sufficient loading
                                         and unloading space. Overnighting on the docks is not
                                         permitted at any any time due to the fact that a northerly wind
                                         can cause the dock system to ossilate up and down to a great
                                         extent between wave intervals.

The docks are annually installed around the first
week of May and hauled-out roughly during the third
week of October.