Shelburne Town Moorings
(Adopted 3/28/95; Amended 1/25/11)

The Harbormaster, appointed by the Selectboard, will be responsible for carrying out all the rules and
regulations adopted for operating the Town Mooring Area.  The Harbormaster will be supervised by the
Town Manager.

Harbormaster Waiting List
Position on the waiting list is determined by date of application.  Shelburne Town Residents shall receive priority
placement.  Boat size is also a factor due to swing limitations of specific moorings within the grid.  Maximum boat
length is 36 feet.

If an applicant on the waiting list is contacted and offered a Mooring Permit, he/she will have seven (7) days to
respond. If the applicant refuses the permit or does not respond in a timely manner or does not show valid proof
that another location has already been contracted for the season elsewhere, his/her position on the waiting list will
be relinquished and a new application will be required in order to be considered at a later date.  Full payment will be
required within ten (10) days of acceptance.

As of January 1, 1994, a non-refundable fee of $10.00 will be charged in order to file an application for a Mooring
Permit with the Harbormaster.  Checks must be made out to “Town of Shelburne – Moorings”.

Fees for Mooring Permit
The fee for a Mooring Permit shall be set by the Selectboard each year.

All checks are to be made payable to “Town of Shelburne – Moorings”.
Full payment must be received by February 28th for the upcoming boat season.

A cancellation fee equal to 50% of the mooring permit fee will be charged for any refunds issued until June 1st  of
the current permit year. No refunds will be issued after June 1st   of any permit year.

Payment of a mooring registration fee does not give the permit holder any right or claim to any specific location.  It
does give her/him the right to a location in the mooring management area that is suitable for the boat specified on
file with the Harbormaster.

Registration Period and Permits
1) The maximum term of the mooring permit is indefinite, however, the Town of Shelburne reserves the right to
impose limits as deemed necessary during any future year.  At that time, current permit holders will only be allowed
to reapply for a permit one year before their present term expires.

2) The yearly permit starts on March 1st and terminates on February 28th; however, the harbormaster will specify
the opening and closing dates of the mooring area.

3) Renewal notices will be sent out in January of each year.  The renewed Mooring Permits must be accepted and
paid for by February 28th.  Failure to do so will result in cancellation and reallocation to those on the waiting list.

4) A Mooring Permit and location is not transferable.  If the ownership of a boat changes and the prior owner (the
Mooring Permit holder) does not have another boat to place on the mooring, and the new owner(s) desire that
mooring location, the seller and the new owner(s) must notify the Harbormaster of the transaction in order to remain
on the mooring for the remainder of the season.  This Permit will terminate at the end of the season and will not be

5) No Mooring Permit or mooring location can be rented or sub-leased.  The permit is for the owners’ boat
registered on the permit only.  This registration specifies the model, state registration or documentation number,
and length.  Allowing the mooring location to be used by a guest must be authorized by the Harbormaster.

6) Mooring Permit holders are forbidden to increase the size of a boat on their mooring without approval of the

7) The Mooring Permit is for private non-commercial use.  Permit holders are prohibited from chartering, selling, or
brokering boats or carrying on any such businesses, which involve the commercial or business use of the mooring
in any way.  A casual private sale between private parties is not prohibited by this provision.

Mooring Tackle
All mooring locations have been determined and concrete mooring blocks have been set in place according to a
designed plan.

The ownership, care, maintenance and registration of all mooring tackle are the responsibility of the Town.  All
mooring tackle shall be subject to the approval of the Harbormaster and shall be tagged with mooring
Abandoned, unauthorized, or non-standard unusable mooring equipment may be subject to confiscation by the

Each year permit holders shall have their pennants inspected and made usable, to the satisfaction of the
Harbormaster.  Pennant diameter may be increased but the length may not be altered.  Pennants must be attached
in a manner specified by the Harbormaster.

The Permit holder shall keep her/his mooring pennant usable at all times and if, in the opinion of the Harbormaster,
the Permit holders pennant is not usable, her/his Permit shall be subject to revocation and the space allocated to a
person on the waiting list maintained by the Harbormaster.

Dinghy’s and Docks
1) Vessels may not be left at Shelburne Bay Park, either in the water or on the beach, without a valid mooring

2) One dinghy per mooring assignment may be secured on the beach.

3) The assigned mooring permit number must be affixed to the exterior of the dinghy transom. Unnumbered
dinghies may be confiscated by the harbormaster and the owner assessed a $10 per day storage fee.

4)  The docks are intended for pick-up and drop-off only.  Over-nighting on the docks is         NOT permitted.  

5)  Vessels left unattended on the dock or on an unassigned mooring may be subject to towing by the harbormaster
and the owner assessed both towing and storage fee’s.

6) Rafting-up on the docks or moorings is prohibited.

7) Dinghy’s must be removed from the beach prior to November 1st each mooring season.

Interested parties may appeal any decision or act taken by the Harbormaster by filing a notice of appeal with the
Town Manager.  Such notices of appeal must be filed within ten (10) days of the act appealed (from the date of the
posting of a decision) and a copy of the notice sent by the appellant to the Harbormaster.  The Selectboard shall
set a date and place for a public hearing concerning the appeal, which shall be within thirty (30) days of the filing of
the notice of appeal.  The Board shall post in at least two public locations within the Town of Shelburne a notice of
the hearing at least fifteen (15) days prior to the hearing date.  All hearings shall be deemed open to the public.  
The Board shall render its decision, which includes finding of fact, within fifteen (15) days after completing the
hearing and mail a copy of such decision by certified mail, return receipt requested, to the applicant and to all
interested persons having appeared and been heard at the hearing.

Interested party - an applicant for a Mooring Permit; or any person who is found by the Selectboard to have
information that would assist the Board with its review.